3.3 Advocacy for Evaluation


As the EvalPartners Advocacy toolkit indicates, VOPEs have a particular role to play in strengthening National Evaluation Systems. There are specific ways in which VOPEs support an enabling environment for evaluation, which include the following:

  • Advocate for the use of evaluation evidence in policy development, implementation, and accountability.
  • Work in partnership with governments and parliamentarians towards the establishment of national evaluation policies.
  • Advocate for national evaluation policies that are equity – focused  and gender -responsive.
  • Work with governments to set evaluation standards as benchmarks to help persuade other stakeholders of the importance of upholding the evaluation principles.
  • Foster indigenous demand and supply of evaluation – e.g. through networking, maintaining a roster of evaluation consultants, etc.
  • Provide advice to evaluation commissioners when planning evaluations – e.g. advice on the development of the Terms of Reference for evaluations, including choices of appropriate design and methodology to answer key questions.
  • Promote the capacity of evaluators to perform quality, credible and useful evaluations – e.g. offering evaluation capacity-building events, or advertising those occurring through a third party.
  • Conduct independent research, monitoring and evaluation to validate national statistics provided by the authorities.
  • Develop tripartite partnerships with the UN system, government and civil society.
  • Building networking and a vibrant community for evaluation: represent evaluation at appropriate conferences and related forums; establish an online presence with a website; host virtual as well as live in-person evaluation forums and events.
  • Mobilize resources otherwise not available for the purpose of evaluation from within the national budgets.
  • Create evaluation awareness among journalists by engaging media in the process of advocacy for evaluation.

For more guidance, tools and practical examples, access the full advocacy toolkit here:


*EvalPartners toolkit for Advocating for Evaluation. Accessed online on 22 February 2014 from:  http://www.mymande.org/evalpartners/advocacytoolkit




Autres exemples d’évaluation de plaidoyer:

AME_communique de Presse

AME_Memorandum 2011



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