Contents of the VOPE Toolkit

This toolkit is organized into three sections

3 sections

1.     Founding & Governing a VOPE

Section 1 Contains information relevant to VOPEs in the process of founding and formalizing themselves. It also touches on important governance issues relevant to emergent and developed VOPEs.

1.1.Steps towards founding a VOPE
1.2.Decide on formalization
1.3.Define a Vision and Mission 
1.4.Constitutions Founding Documents and Bylaws
1.5.Register as a legal entity
1.6.Establish a membership policy and membership register
1.7.Annual General Meetings


2.     Institutionalizing the VOPE

Section 2 Contains information relevant to running the business side of the VOPE, and institutionalizing it.

2.1.Annual Reports
2.2.Email Communications
2.3.Developing an online Presence for the VOPE
2.4.Social Media presence
2.5.Human Resources
2.6.Administration of membership
2.7.Administration of voting 
2.9.Receiving payments
2.10. Purchasing


3.     Carrying out the business of a VOPE

Section 3 Contains information about the activities that VOPEs typically carry out – These are activities that make VOPEs uniquely different from other organizations, and centres around the value added by VOPEs

3.1.Hosting Conferences & Workshops and other Events 
3.2.Hosting Online evaluation capacity building events
3.3. Doing Advocacy
3.4. Publications and Newsletters
3.5.Developing guidelines and standards
3.6.Evaluation Awards 
3.7.Connecting regionally and internationally
3.8. Making Statements on issues of Importance in Evaluation


Resources in the Toolkit

In each section you will find a basic description, together with other resources such as examples,  software, toolboxes, tools, and advice.



Acknowledgements, Licensing, Attributions

Full details about the acknowledgements, licensing and attributions of this content here.


Note that depending on the size, development phase and purpose of your VOPE, the material presented in this toolkit may need to be contextualized for your specific purposes. Also take note of the full toolkit disclaimer here.



8 thoughts on “Contents of the VOPE Toolkit

  1. This is something VOPE leaders have been asking for, for a long time! Good to see it has reached this stage. We just need to let them know it is available.

  2. Francis Mwaijande

    Dear Jim,
    Thank you, we will explore further and keep you informed.

  3. Thanks for this but can it be made available in one pdf downloadable document for reviewing off line please?

  4. Dear Jim,
    Thank you so much to share this Toolkit.
    This is a very helpful material for the VOPEs.
    CoE- Bangladesh hereby acknowledge this and highly appreciate your support.

    Wish you all the best.
    Warm regards,
    Bhabatosh NATH
    CoE- bBangladesh

  5. This is quite exciting. I believe that it will help VOPEs be much more productive.

  6. I have tried the download link after filling in my details, but it keeps telling me that the Server is not found at DropBox. Please do another working link!

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